Please bring your current dental insurance card with you to your appointment.  Sometimes your dental insurance provider is different from your medical provider.

Our office will submit necessary claim forms on your behalf to your dental insurance provider.  We accept payments directly from insurance companies.  You are responsible for any remaining balance.

In some instances, especially those in which lab fees are involved, we may require payment of a deposit at the time service is provided.

We are a ‘provider’ for the following insurance companies:

Delta Dental – Premier

EDS (State of Oklahoma employees, “HealthChoice”)

Blue Cross/Blue Shield – Dental Network of America


Even though we may not be listed as a provider for your insurance company, we will submit any necessary paperwork to your provider and will accept payment directly from them.  The only difference between our being listed as a ‘provider’ and not being a ‘provider’ is that you are financially responsible for the portion of the fee not covered by your insurance company.  We have hundreds of patients who choose to receive care in our office even though we are not on their ‘provider’ list because they realize that their actual out-of-pocket expense is minimal when compared to receiving care from someone in whom they have no trust.

Dental insurance is a nice benefit for an employee but was never designed to pay for all the costs associated with your care.  We encourage our patients to take ownership in their dental care and to realize that there are usually some out-of-pocket costs associated with such care.

Our office works with Care Credit to help provide payment plans for patients who need to pay for their services over a period of time.